20.06.22 Frankfurt am Main

New Partners at MA Architects

In the future, founding member Andreas Moser will steer the fortunes of the office together with the new Managing Partners Eileen Jablonski and Johannes Kibler.
With the reorganization of the company, the consistent further development of competencies and the setting of new focal points will take place.

In her role as Managing Partner, Eileen Jablonski will continue to drive the implementation of digital construction solutions.

“With BIM, we plan efficient projects for our customers and create moving, sustainable design. This is where we see our contribution to a vibrant community.” Eileen Jablonski

Johannes Kibler has been nominated as Managing Partner as part of the long-term succession planning and will be active in the expansion of existing and additional business areas.

“We will expand and grow our project portfolio of hybrids and high-rises, neighborhood development with a focus on sustainability and preservation of the existing stock, interior design and villas.” Johannes Kibler