07.10.22 Frankfurt am Main

News from Sommerhoffpark

The high-rise residential buildings at Sommerhoffpark, designed by MA Architekten (formerly cyrus moser architekten), will be completed by the end of next year. This is according to the developers, the Swiss Artisa Group and Aberdeen Standard Investments.

In this context, the City of Frankfurt is having a new pedestrian and cycle path built to link Sommerhoffpark to the city centre.

We are excited and look forward to this positive development for Frankfurt.

Andreas Moser said about the new developments:

“Finally! We’ve been expecting this since 2013. According to the plans of MA Architekten (cma), the northern bank of the Main is now growing together with the enchanted Sommerhofpark. The two towers are 38m and 66m high and although we have meanwhile realised much higher towers with ONEFORTYWEST and the Senckenberg Tower, the project has a special significance for us. It was the start of a scale of projects that was still new to us at the time.”