21.02.23 Frankfurt am Main

Welcome Felizitas!

We introduce: Felizitas! She has been supporting our competition team since mid-January.

What is your function?

I am part of the competition team as a working student and support wherever I can.

What are your favorite tasks?

When a project starts, I especially enjoy being part of the brainstorming, trying out cubatures, shapes or facades and following the incredibly fast-moving process. Organizing floor plans and thinking a project through in depth is the next exciting task I’m excited to be involved in.

What is your personal expectation of MA? How did you come to choose MA?

For me, MA stands for architecture that is individual, special and unique. For me, being a part of MA means getting the unique chance to deepen, strengthen and apply my personal understanding of architecture, space and design.

What makes good architecture?

For me, good architecture stands for architecture that has a context. A good concept for me is one that consists of a clear logic, a formal program and a design that is thought out to the limits. Architecture is there to be experienced and so for me every design lives from the complex interaction between a space and its user.