28.11.23 Baden, Lower Austria

RECAP School-Competition”AHS-Baden” Austria

we decide by architecture how students of today anticipate the world of tomorrow

RECAP school competition “AHS-Baden” Lower Austria
Cluster school, learning house, learning landscape? Our #HYBRID entry combines these proven learning concepts. For us, a school building is always also created from the interior, the floor plan. Six cluster units are planned for each floor. Each of the clusters forms a grouping of several classes, with its own center, the so-called marketplace, its own open spaces and intimate learning islands. Each pupil has a #HomeBase in the stressful school day. Free, cross-grade functions are oriented around a green inner courtyard. With its open design, this green and communicative center of the school serves as a vertical connector and meeting point for the school community. In terms of urban planning, the design is a free-standing cube that acts as a mediator between existing and future developments on the campus. In addition to the innovative spatial concept, #sustainability is at the forefront of the design: prefabrication of large parts of the building. Based on the #passive house standard and #EG40, #hybrid ventilation, natural and mechanical, ensures sufficient air quality of 1,000 ppm in summer and winter, while keeping energy consumption low. Sustainable district heating, rainwater managment and wood hybrid construction for a minimized ecological impact. Large-scale PV systems on the roof surfaces produce more energy than it consumes and can be made available to the school campus. In the façade design, attention is paid to an individual and playful character with sustainable materials, without affecting the functional aspects of the school classes.

We are delighted with our successful contribution to the competition. Another building block in our development towards sustainable, innovative architecture.

Rendering by FANCY CG