18.12.23 Frankfurt am Main

Winner German Design Award 2024

Our project Portagon “Goodbye Stereotypes – Hello Zerotypes” wins the German Design Award. We are happy and proud of this great and fresh concept, which puts you in a good mood just by looking at it.

Every person is unique – just as we are unique, the office for Portagon should also be a reflection of this. The theme of uniqueness runs through all areas. A foyer that feels like a living room – An open-plan office combined with special break-out zones and cozy think tanks. Colorful units are oriented around the atrium. The bustle across the floors stands for the unifying idea of the lively hyperoffice.

The jury says: “The design for the Workplace – Tenant fit-out Portagon impresses with a casually playful approach to form and color, which makes the spaces appear young, fresh and lively. A bold, unconventional concept, but one that has its own personality and is highly recognizable for this very reason.”