28.02.24 Frankfurt am Main

Out of office.

It has been an inspiring journey every day for 24 years to date to be able to realize great projects and implement creative ideas together. Architecture is much more than just GFA and aesthetics. It is an expression of a mindset as a reflection of a vision of how we want to live together in this society. If you are so passionate about your work, it doesn’t matter whether the projects are small or large. Each has its own universe and needs to be worked on with the same enthusiasm and intensity.

The satisfaction of those who are surrounded by it every day is the real reward.

However, after long and careful consideration, the management has decided to discontinue the operational business of Moser Assoziierte Architekten GmbH i. L. as of 29.02.2024.

We would like to thank everyone who has accompanied us over the last 24 years for their trust and cooperation.

Over and out.