Conservatory of Music Campus Golzheim

Campus Golzheim

'Urban development according to landscape character'.

The Golzheim campus is consistently developed from the open space concept, i.e. the 'idea of the landscape park'. Not building on the city, but deliberately giving maximum space to the park. For this purpose, the 'Golzheim Rhine Park' is connected to the green eastern side of the new campus and the Kennedydamm by means of the greatest possible microclimatic permeability. The cooler air from the Rhine will be directed to the campus via the open GREEN SPACE of the Golzheimer Platz, Karl-Arnold-Platz and Josef-Gockeln-Strasse in order to minimize 'heat land effects'.
The decision to deconstruct the existing, flat building structure creates the opportunity to strengthen the landscape space instead of urban redensification. Therefore, the nature in the urban space is actively planned integrative with high experience density and high quality atmosphere. The campus thus offers a new central focal point for the users of the new campus, as well as for the neighborhood.

'Music Pavilion in the Park
Three of the four new buildings are staggered in height along the site, so that the largest possible GREEN SPACE remains in the center, which allows the air masses to flow into the neighborhood. In our planning, the new conservatory will be built in this center, as a permeable, semi-public landscape building, as a 'MusicPavilion' in the park. An intensively greened roof with a large staircase becomes an amphitheater with orientation to the existing RSH building. Towards the street, further shielded by the new building of the IMM, a center in the park is created for the students of the RSH. The large concert hall and the chamber music hall are located column-free in the basement of the interspace between the two new buildings of the RSH and the associated Institute for Music and Media (IMM).

Project Type
Conservatory of Music, Open Space Concept


BLB NRW (Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW) in Zusammenarbeit mit der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf / Stadtplanungsamt

Urban Planning
Torsten Becker Stadtplaner

Landscape Design
HKK Landschaftsarchitektur

inclusive, diverse, welcoming and green

Andreas Moser

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