Efficient Living

EichplatzAreal Jena

For the architecture competition "EichplatzAreal" in Jena, we designed an efficient high-rise residential building. The building offers outdoor space in the form of a loggia for each of the 36 apartments. In addition, all apartments are oriented to the south or two-sided.

On the first floor, there are store and restaurant areas that open up to the new neighborhood square and the city garden.

Project Type
Residential High-Rise


Kommunale Immobilien Jena

33 m

11 floors
including basement


Taking Urban Live One Level Up

Oliver Cyrus
In the design of the facade, increased attention was paid to ensuring that it is in harmony with the building technology, with the aim of reducing cooling and heating loads. Thus, about fifty percent of the facade is glazed.
The loggias, which are located outside the highly insulated building envelope, contribute to the structural/passive thermal insulation in addition to providing a high level of room quality. In addition to the exterior sun protection, interior curtains can be used for shading.
In order to achieve the greatest possible clear room height, the floor ceilings are designed to be as compact as possible and the underfloor heating is integrated into the ceiling package. The activation of the floor can be used to cool the rooms in the summer months. District heating provides the required heating energy.
For the occupant, the simplicity of use should be in the foreground, so the principle of natural ventilation based on regular opening elements prevails. In addition, the building has a ventilation system, which ensures a comfortable indoor climate even on days when natural ventilation is not possible.
Heat is recovered via heat exchangers on the roof (warm exhaust air) and in the basement (shower water) and used to preheat hot water.
To reduce water consumption, shower and sink wastewater is used to flush the toilets.

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