Individually Constructed Freedom


At the beginning of 2017, the "THH 2.0" ideas competition of the Berlin housing development company HOWOGE was looking for new types of modular construction for a type high-rise residential building. Individual solutions that can be typified and flexibly adapted to different situations and environments were required, with entrance areas and common areas that promote address formation.

IKE's simple, efficient building with a square floor plan an that can be variably stacked and combined. It can be shaped as desired in terms of height, structure and volume, can adapt to different urban planning conditions and, depending on the neighborhood and requirements, can appear monolithic, calm or playful. For this purpose, a kind of "toolbox" of repeating construction elements such as balconies, supporting elements and ceilings was developed, which in various arrangements allow for different building forms. in addition to flexibility, the high proportion of serially produced parts results in a considerably shortened construction period. One- to four-room apartments are planned here, with corridors that are to be used as common spaces structuring the building. The balconies on the façade are also used for neighborly purposes, as two balconies form a unit. They are separated from the outside by a side wall as wind and privacy protection and an individual plant element in the middle can be designed.

Project Type
Idea Competition Residential High-Rise Types




Efficency and Individualism can go Hand in Hand

Andreas Moser

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