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Marc Twain Village

In the northern area of the Mark Twain Village in Heidelberg, two new building ensembles are being constructed on a site with five new complexes. The buildings are each free-standing, mixed typologies of varying heights. The planning includes 76 rental apartments and 28 condominiums with a total of 7,844m² of living space. In order to create a smooth transition to the adjacent existing buildings, the urban arrangement of the buildings is done in an open and loose manner. Clear lines, light facades and angular but simple forms give the buildings a restrained, elegant aesthetic. Cleverly developed floor plans allow interspersed apartments and the large expanses of glass convey openness. Commercial uses on the first floors are made evident by the indented entrances to the retail zones and metal surfaces in warm bronze tones.

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Gesellschaft für Grund- und Hausbesitz mbH

LPH 1-4

in planning; building permit for A2.1 is confirmed

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