The Valley

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Mix of uses / Mix of functions / 15-minute city / Transformability / Resilient city

Cities heat up the planet. They consume around 80 percent of the world's energy and resources.
But cities not only contribute significantly to climate change - they are also particularly affected by its consequences. They are often located on coasts, rivers, river deltas or mountain slopes, so damage from natural events is particularly high in cities. Rising temperatures are also felt more acutely in urban areas with lots of concrete and asphalt. Sustainable urban planning and resilient - climate-resilient - infrastructure can mitigate the impacts of climate change. (Source: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)

"The Valley" is intended to be an "island of the future" that offers possible solutions to the challenges of our time, such as the climate crisis and demographic change.
In order to meet climate targets, a sustainable transformation of mobility, especially within cities, is necessary. Mixing uses and functions within blocks and neighborhoods will shorten distances. In the "15-minute city," residents can reach all important places from their homes in 15 minutes by bicycle.
Modern housing concepts adapt to changing social structures. Even if framework conditions change, the residents of the community feel they are in good hands. With its open organizational structure, the "Valley" is highly adaptable, allowing for future changes in use.
It offers a structural framework for multi-generational living, working, makerspaces and innovation hubs. An architecture that is already conceived in a transformable and resource-saving way in its creation.

Urban concept
Identity through diversity / Variety through a wide range of possibilities / Loosened up rhythm through depth staggered and at the same time height staggered building sections

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LEOFF Holding GmbH

a concept for resilient cities

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