New Work Areas


The client wanted a contemporary redesign from individual offices to a more open layout. We created a good mix of larger spaces for collaboration and interaction and smaller individual offices and think tanks, where a more concentrated and individual way of working is possible. The different areas are designed to fit the individual and situational needs of the employees.
The Welcome Area is the place where customers are received. It is connected to the meeting zones.
In the team area there is a kitchen for joint lunches and informal meetings.
The Mission Control conference room is a special place: for heated, long meetings (which is why there is a shower in this area) and pitches.
The color concept is derived from the company's own branding.

Project Type

Frankfurt / Main


Montagu Private Equity GmbH

New Team Work

Andreas Moser
Welcome and Meeting Area
Think Tanks for a concentrated working atmosphere
Streettalk or hallway radio – the open design of movement zones promotes communication among employees.
New Work Area – Streettalk
Team area with feel-good atmosphere for informal meetings.
Mission Control – the meeting room for long meetings and pitches.

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