The Impact
of vertical


The Senckenberg Quarter is located between the Frankfurt districts of Bockenheim and Westend. cyrus moser was invited to participate in the international competition for the new development and came out on top. The "combination of striking cubature and simple elegance in conjunction with high urban development quality" convinced the awarding authorities.
The quarter opens up to the adjacent neighborhood. Public space is created where people meet and enjoy spending time. Four elements come together to form an ensemble: Hybrid high-rise, office tower, another office building and a daycare center.
The highlight: the 145-meter-high ONE FORTY WEST tower. With its lively facade, it adds an eye-catching silhouette to the Frankfurt skyline. Inside, it carries the city into the vertical - residential, hotel and gastronomy under one roof.
The first floor houses lobbies and a restaurant, while floors 2-23 house a hotel. The Skybar with its spectacular terrace on the 15th floor is open to the public. From a height of 84 meters, the apartments begin (24th-40th floors).
Balconies stretch around the tower in a three-kilometer-long upward-striving ribbon. Because of their staggered arrangement, almost every apartment has a different floor plan. Each is sophisticatedly furnished and offers unique views with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Project Type
Highrise, Hybrid

Frankfurt am Main

Joint Venture of Commerz Real and Groß & Partner

LEED Platin core&shell

above ground ca. 57.524 m²
in total ca. 63.700 m²

ca. 231.300 m³



Completed 2021

LPH 1-4; Leitdetails als Teil der LPH 5 ; KOL als Teil der LPH 8

LPH 5 in ARGE mit Dietz Joppien Planungsgesellschaft mbH (LPH 5)

„connection and diffusion“

Andreas Moser

a highrise

140 West by Cyrus Moser Architecture. Photography by Faruk Pinjo, 2021.
The design-defining balconies extend around the tower like an upwardly striving band. Due to their staggered arrangement, all residential units have one or even several balconies and almost all apartments have a different floor plan. Each one unique in itself.
140 West by Cyrus Moser Architecture. Photography by Faruk Pinjo, 2021.

From AFE
to OFW

The controlled demolition of the AfE tower was carried out on February 2, 2014. The architectural competition for the new quarter decided in 2016. (Photographer: Thomas Gessner)

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