QINO – Quarter at Neckarstadt Ost

Sustainable Quarter: how a former industrial site is being transformed into a sustainable urban quarter.
The project involves the transformation of a former site of the textile company Felina into a sustainable urban quarter using the "building in existing buildings" approach. The aim is to develop a hybrid neighborhood while preserving the history of the site. The urban quality of life is to be promoted and the creation of an address as well as the opening of the quarter towards Mannheim city center are to be made possible. Communal living and intergenerational living are seen as key elements for revitalizing and increasing the quality of life for residents in the neighbourhood.
The uses of the project include apartments, community spaces, a roof garden and a greenhouse, office space, as well as businesses such as cafés, a supermarket, a store and workshops/studios.
The existing building comprises the 1st basement floor and the courtyard floor, which are used for ancillary and technical areas. The courtyard floor and the first floor are enlivened by commercial use. Floors 1 to 3 house apartments and community spaces. The 4th to 5th floors comprise apartments, community rooms and an activity zone/garden, which consists of both existing and new buildings.The 5th floor is a greenhouse and roof garden. There are two courtyards: courtyard 1 as a green and recreational area and courtyard 2 as a green area and parking deck. The project includes the preservation of the existing building, refurbishment and a focus on saving gray energy and creating living space. The addition of extra storeys aims to achieve a densification that is currently important in cities. The ESG guidelines are taken into account and the project is part of the Local Green Deal Mannheim. A mobility concept is also being implemented. Roofscape and PV systems are included in the planning with regard to sustainability.

Project type

Refurbishment / Hybrid neighborhood development




Cube Asset Mitte 2 GmbH & Co. KG



LPH 1-4 / 5 planned



Building construction approx. 21,000 m² (of which approx. 3,700 m² MEHR Architecture, approx. 17,300 m² MA Architects)






DGNB silver aimed for


“MultiGeneration housing complex for vibrant neighborhood”

Andreas Moser
city of short distances
Architecture and history of the Mannheim corsetry factory
sustainable redensification: housing development combined with CO2 binding, maintaining grey energy
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sketch extension

“How valuable is the past if it has no utility for the future?”

Andreas Moser

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