Open edges

Senckenberg Quarter

The Senckenberg Quarter is located between the Frankfurt districts of Bockenheim and Westend.

The area marks the southern end of Frankfurt's new Kulturcampus district on the former AfE site. At the same time, it serves as an urban hinge between the neighboring districts. cyrus moser was invited to participate in the international competition for the new development and prevailed in 2016. The "combination of striking cubature and simple elegance in conjunction with high urban development quality" convinced the awarding authorities. The quarter opens up to the neighborhood; this opening up of the inner-city block edge holds the opportunity to integrate the site into the urban fabric. Picking up on the existing walkways of the adjacent neighborhoods creates an identity-forming center that serves as a point of orientation within the quarter. From this center, all buildings are accessed with representative main entrances. Public space is created where people meet and enjoy spending time. Four elements come together to form an ensemble: Hybrid high-rise, office tower, a solitary office building and a day care center.

Project Type
Urban Quarter

Frankfurt am Main

T-Rex Grundstücksentwicklungs GmbH & Co.KG, ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING, G&P Therapoda Grundstücksentwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG

110.890m² (63.700m²+ 39.300 m²+ 6.630 m²+ 1.260 m²)

Completed 2021/2022

it´s about the „in-be-tween“ that defines a well proportioned space

Andreas Moser

„a new city block that connects and communicates with the existing quarters“

Andreas Moser

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