SIGNA goes
Romeo & Juliet

Signa Office

We have been asked by Signa Real Estate to brand their new office in Frankfurt am Main.
In the heart of Frankfurt, on the two penthouse floors of the Romeo & Julia office towers, a new exclusive workspace has been created, the new hot spot between the Alte Oper and the banking district.
The new office offers a wide variety of environments for differentiated work situations. In order to zone these different areas with a recurring element, the design-defining metal structure extends from the reception area to the open spaces, through the collaboration areas and into the meeting rooms. As a modular element, the metal structure becomes a shelf, a guardrail, a ceiling panel, a planter, and accommodates both the lighting and the ventilation. The highlight in the reception area is the counter, which has an unmistakable identity with its elegant solidity.

Project Type

Frankfurt am Main

SIGNA Real Estate

33 m

11 storeys
including basement


high level

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