The HighLows Campus

Our competition entry for an office and hotel building with an innovation center blends into its surroundings in the middle of the gently wooded hilly landscape, following an integrative approach. A reforested area to the south-east effectively frames the striking new building - looking from the highway - like a theatrical production in a forest clearing in nature. The direct view from the highway helps the building to attract a great deal of attention, creating a prestigious campus.

Project type

Invited realization competition



Central Germany








Peter Feuerbach Darshan Rajendra Sabrina Weber Felizitas Dochantschi Wei Sun

Three functions – one base
The Innovation Center, office and hotel functions are reflected in the individual prominent high points on the site and are linked together via a two-storey base. This plinth combines all the large-scale special functions, such as the conference and restaurant. The plinth becomes an interaction area, an innovation hub for all parts of the company.

The various uses are connected via a central two-storey lobby. The lobby sets the scene for the unique access area of the building ensemble and creates an optimal connection between the basement and first floor through generous ceiling openings with open staircases. A clear visual connection to the wooded areas to the east with a spacious lounge creates a unique experience.
Despite the creation of a campus, the external impact of each functional area has been taken into account. The innovation center, office and hotel are positioned as prominent high points on the site. By cleverly staggering the individual cuboids, each part of the building is given its own address.

The greatest quality of the design is the clear orientation to the east towards the forest landscape. The cores are deliberately organized on the west façade. This gives all office areas a view of the greenery. All special functions, in particular the restaurant and conference, are oriented towards the east.
facade hotel
facade office

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