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Hotel at a Technology Park

Hotel at the Technology Park Haiger. Nature and modern technology in harmony.
Embedded in the landscape, the hotel welcomes visitors with a contrasting gesture in the field of tension between nature and architecture, industry and comfort.
Located at the southern end of the Kalteiche Technology Park in direct view of the A45 freeway, the property lies north of the freeway with a 360-degree view over an impressive gently wooded hilly landscape. A reforested area in the southeast effectively places the prominent building looking from the highway like a theater production in a forest clearing framed by nature. For this purpose, the existing forest structure in the east with its wildlife corridor at the foot is renaturalized in a funnel shape with the new planting in the southwest as a staging of the ensemble. With the self-confident 12 m wide projecting hotel building floating above a sculptural base, the hotel is the new prelude to the technology park, visible from afar. This is particularly visible coming from Haigerseelbach.

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hotel as a nature observatory

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