Wooden Pilot

Tower 90

The project is designed to be sustainably CO² neutral according to the "Cradle to Cradle" principle as Germany's first high-rise building at 90 meters in timber construction. The development was designed in collaboration with Arup as a pilot project. This design deliberately avoided formalistic external facade greening as a vehicle for an apparently ecological building.

Project Type
Residential High-Rise

Frankfurt am Main

AGB/gsp, Gesellschaft für Städtebau und Projektentwicklung

22.170 m² Residential High-Rise + 10.600m² Base

Competition with Invite, 2016

A greening of the facade was deliberately omitted

Andreas Moser
Tower 90 with its adjacent perimeter block development forms the prelude and entrance to the Europaviertel. With regard to the quality of the residential development oriented towards the inner courtyard, the concept envisions a closed block perimeter that excludes the noise immission of Europaallee from the north. The block edge follows Europaallee and notches in the area of the high point of Tower 90. Thus, despite being integrated into the block edge, the high-rise is detached and stands directly on the square facing Europaallee. The tower is oriented with its narrower side towards Europaallee. The connection of the base building to the high-rise is minimized to 5m west and 6m east.
In the spirit of sustainability, a high-rise building was developed with a timber structure. Wooden columns and beams in combination with reinforced concrete hybrid floors lead to a reduction in weight and foundation. A significant advantage is the faster construction method with a construction time of one floor per week and a reduction of the construction time by about 6 months. The exterior façade is made of glass and warm, lightweight aluminum panels in C 31, which contrast with a light, warm yet homey bronze tone on the interior. In combination with curtains, this creates a lively facade. The façade is future-oriented, developed according to the Cradle2Cradle principle. Natural shading is achieved through cantilevered floor panels in combination with vertical bulkheads and vertically stacked green zones.
Gentle on nature and environment. The principle of Cradle-2-Cradle is based on the idea of the cycle. Not only the first use of a raw material plays a role but also the reuse after use.

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