New and Old


The three-story building, slightly raised and set back from the street behind a front garden, was built in 1872 according to plans by Eduard Kreyßlig as a residential building.
It is being renovated in its original form and extended by a side and courtyard building on a historic scale.
In order to emphasize the special features of the main building, the side building and the courtyard building are deliberately restored in a modern, very reduced formal language. The contrast is deliberately chosen as a design tool for a new, significant symbiosis.
The ceiling slabs of the first and second floor are lowered compared to the main building. This ensures that the attic edge of the courtyard building is not higher than the neighboring building as required by the building law. The 2 floors of the courtyard building are drawn together by a lightly curtained, circumferential frame made of dark-colored exposed concrete and form the large "window to the courtyard" in appearance. The facade is generously glazed. Closed ventilation flaps rhythmize the facade. The side building with its façade of crushed gray silver quartzite mediates between the floor levels of the main building and the courtyard building. Functionally, it accommodates the serving spaces such as storage, kitchenettes, sanitary areas, etc. In order to be able to offer the attic apartment a terrace, it is partially approx. 2.50 m higher than the courtyard building.

Project Type
Rehabilitation of a single monument – construction of an office extension


LEOFF Holding GmbH

2004 – 2005

LPH 1-9

1586m² (incl. arched cellar)

It’s Sophisticated Refurbishment

Andreas Moser

A Symbioses between Historic and Modern

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