We build homes where individuality and interaction can be experienced. Our residential architecture ranges from classic to progressive.

For people

In close cooperation with housing associations, non-profit developers and private investors, we design a wide variety of residential forms- from townhouses to high-rise apartment buildings, from block structures to housing developments.
Whether inner-city structures with special uses on the ground floor or a conversion from industrial to residential, we think of housing ecologically and economically and always from the perspective of the people who will live there.

Individuality and community

A colourful society needs a diverse range of housing. There should be space for an individual’s way of life as well as for a tolerant and diverse neighbourhood. People and their needs are at the centre of all considerations because where people enjoy living, continuity and community will be created.

Well-planned living space is robust and adaptable and therefore long-lasting. This not only makes economic sense, but also from a climate protection point of view.