We are looking for special people with a professional passion who are strong team players and enjoy exploring creative boundaries and breaking new ground in a self-determined way.
We offer attractive conditions, freedom for personal development and a motivating working environment. Our work spaces reflect our design aspirations. Success is achieved and celebrated as a team with 35 friendly colleagues who value each other.


We are
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"We are Better
as a Team."

Andreas Moser

We Invest

We invest in the professional development of our employees. We believe that the uniqueness of each individual leads us to success. We never stop improving, growing in our tasks and learning from mistakes. We understand the many demands of modern life which is why we support flexible working hours and home office solutions where it makes sense. There is no ‘clock watching/ passing time’ with us. We aim to work efficiently.


We take responsibility for our employees and the world we live in. We want to help shape cities that promote diversity, use resources responsibly and offer all people an environment worth living in. We are united by the goal of creating good architecture with shared values. We design dialectically, although we do not always agree on things, from time to time we are allowed to argue. But in the end we always listen to each other and weigh things up as every opinion is valuable. We treat each other with respect and look forward to meeting people who share our aspirations.