we think
the complex

We love challenging tasks that require courage for finding new ways of thinking. As a reliable partner, we develop together with all parties involved, architecture with character. Whether districts, high-rise or residential buildings, offices or villas. It’s not the shape that describes our work, but the journey there and its uniqueness.

Flexibility and diversity

Hybrid and Mixed-Use

Mixed use is the key to a lively city- whether in the entire neighbourhood or in the individual building. Liveable Architecture combines living, working, public utilities and recreation in close proximity.


Vertical culture

High-rise Buildings

We love excelling ourselves. Between 2012 and 2020, we planned and developed more than 15 high-rise buildings, for residential, office and hybrid use. Our designs are logical and comprehensible and are always created in context. They are unmistakable buildings with their own identity that fit harmoniously into their surroundings.



Building in the existing context

We accompany our clients from planning to implementation. Whether it’s a new extension on an existing listed building, the conversion of industrial buildings or the addition of new storeys to existing high-rise buildings, our expertise is diverse and multifaceted.


Minimum paths - maximum benefit

District / Campus

We plan vibrant neighbourhoods in which living, working, shopping and recreation are just a stone’s throw away from each other. Through mixed use, city districts become liveable again. Modern cities rely on diversity, spatial proximity, community and climate protection. The coexistence of different types of housing keeps an eye on demographic development. Shorter distances, high-quality […]


Individual living space


We build homes where individuality and interaction can be experienced. Our residential architecture ranges from classic to progressive.


Future Work


When designing new office buildings, we strive for structural clarity, economic efficiency, technical innovation and responsible use of resources.


Houses with soul


A harmonious home is created through a well thought-out interplay of space, light, colours, furniture, staircases and outdoor facilities. It is only through the blend of all these elements that an atmosphere can be created.


Experimental design

Research / Lab

Tried-and-true paths are good, but they always lead you to where others have already been. We look for ways to break down thought patterns and improve on the tried and true.